Power of One

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Original Recording Produced by
Bryan Bell for SynthBank
& Paul J. de Benedictis
All songs composed & performed
by Paul J. de Benedictis on his
1889 Blüthner Aliquot grand piano
Daily tuning by Al Owens

Reissue Produced by
Paul J. de Benedictis

Recorded live without any editing
at The Music Annex, Menlo Park, CA in March 1987
Engineered by Fred Catero
& Bryan Bell
Mastered by Paul Stubblebine

Background photo & cover art by Doug Akagi
Additional photo by Rick English

Originally Released 1989
Reissue Released 2007
on Mnemonic Records

Independent record label Mnemonic Records has released the 20th anniversary reissue of "Power of One," an album of original solo piano compositions by Paul James de Benedictis performed on his 1889 Blüthner grand piano.

Originally recorded in March 1987, Power of One was released to the public in 1989. Paul de Benedictis recorded each piece with his 1889 Blüthner Aliquot grand piano at The Music Annex in Menlo Park, CA. Fred Catero and Bryan Bell were the engineers, with Al Owens tuning the piano each day.

Power of One was composed over four years and was recorded in three days. Each piece was performed live without any editing. The album is presented here in its original stereo format remastered for CD, and mixed for surround on DVD, also including 96kHz 24-bit stereo, all mastered by Paul Stubblebine. The original album was produced by Bryan Bell and Paul de Benedictis, the remastered version was produced by Paul de Benedictis.